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Eat "Long Live Putin" Meat Rolls

Meat rolls "Long Live Putin!" are now produced in the town of Nizhni Tagil, the Sverdlovsk region. The production started to celebrate the start of Vladimir Putin's second term on the position of the president. Officials of the local administration said they knew nothing about the production of "presidential" meat rolls. Officials believe, the rolls were manufactured by illegal meat shops. Spokespeople for a local supermarket did not know anything about the meat rolls either.

Experts believe, "presidential meat rolls" are produced for the export. They are not available in local food stores, New Region news agency reported. The first meat roll titled "Long Live Putin!" was produced in January of the current year at the meat factory in the city of Lipetsk. The product was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the enterprise, reports. Lipetsk sausage-makers said they decided to devote their product to Putin because they sincerely support the presdent's policy.

The delicious product made of pressed pork and lard was presented at the stand of the Lipetsk meat factory at a food show in Moscow.