Beach Acquaintance - Best Opportunity

Women love to reveal their beauty on the sand. On a beach, they do not wear coats, skirts, pants, tights – nothing. A beach is exactly the place where men have a perfect opportunity to value the woman's beauty.

It goes without saying, one may see both advantages and disadvantages of a woman lazing around on the beach – a bit more fat or cellulite thighs, a bad-looking backside or sharp knees. A binoculars or a spyglass can be a great assistance for a man to examine a woman's body thoroughly.

A beach acquaintance is a reserve for the autumn and winter period. An acquaintance is usually followed with a date and a date may lead to a fantastic night. First of all, one should find an object of seduction - it should be done calmly, without any haste. If a girl comes to the beach with her mom or dad, a company of friends or young men, one should not spend any time on them to avoid trouble. The right choice implies lonely, interesting and sexy girls.

Having chosen the girl, one should come up and lie down on the sand next to her. The best way to start a dialogue is to complement her slim figure, beautiful eyes, her nice swimming suit. "I would like to meet your parents to find out the secret of producing such a wonderful daughter," - a phrase like this may have a positive effect.

An acquaintance is not an exam – such an attitude will most likely make you look really awkward and absolutely not interesting. An act of acquaintance is supposed to be a performance, an entertainment, a show - women value a good sense of humor in men.

As a rule, a woman is not programmed to start an affair with a man that instant. The minimum is an exciting love affair and the maximum is a marriage. It is very important to let her understand that you are a free guy, who does not have a wife, a kid, a debt and so on. The majority of women are fatalists in their nature. They believe in fate, astrology, chiromancy and magic. A girl will be very impressed, if you ask her to show you her palm: a thoughtful examination of a palm and a positive conclusion, which is supposed to be prepared beforehand, is considered to be very intriguing. If she wonders about your knowledge of palmistry, just say that your grandfather comes from the East.

If an acquaintance has a good start, one may offer her a beer, a wine or something stronger. This would be a reason to find some of her tastes and demonstrate your own generosity. It would be great, if you have some cans of alcohol drinks in your beach bag.

A beach acquaintance is supposed to be properly ended. One should take the girl home from the beach, find out her address (at least approximately). If a girl is interesting and perspective - give her a drive home absolutely. If she agrees to be a guest at your home or says yes to your suggestion to have a cup of coffee at her place - it means that a passionate night is just a stone's throw away.

Summer is short, so make every day count.

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