Rent a Wife

A successful American businessmen managed to find his place on the market of unusual services. Rick Justin founded the firm "Reliable Marriage," which offers men to rent wives. Rick's firm offers a wide range of wives to rent: long-legged blondes with blue eyes, redheads, brunettes, and so on and so forth. If a client wishes to use the services of the firm, he is supposed to sign a contract, in which the term of his "family life" will be stipulated together with many other conditions.

First of all, a client has to come for an interview, present all necessary medical and financial documents, and then he will have a pleasant chance to pick out a wife. "We have wives to all liking – nymphomaniacs that think about sex all the time, we have quiet little cats that like to cook delicious meals, we have bitchy girls that love scandals, we also got highly educated women and you can talk to them about Zigmund Freud for hours," Rick Justin said.

The businessman said that the idea of such a firm occurred to him because of the pessimistic statistics. About 60 percent of marriages end up in divorces, scandals, property disputes, fights, insults and heart attacks. Rick thought that it would be a good idea to offer a man to rent a wife, having discussed her rights, commitments, way of conduct, character, sexual preferences and so on. The California-based firm started its business rather successfully. Hollywood money-bags liked the new opportunity. Script writer Bill Gridley was delighted with his wife Jessica Austin that he had rented for six months. Jessica accompanied him to all movie festivals and parties, satisfied all of his sexual needs, cooked delicious meals and was a very good person to talk to. It is very easy to understand Mr. Gridley: his ex-wife divorced him, made him pay her ten million dollars and took away ten years of his life, as he put it.

Los Angeles resident Steve Smith is considered to be the luckiest client of the firm. His grandfather left $200 million for him, but there was a condition that Steve should get married to own that money. Steve went to "Reliable Marriage" and rented a wife for one year. He had to invest only $50,000, got his millions and then divorced without any problems.

Rick has been inspired with his success, so he is now working on a new project to let women rent a husband. The businessman is certain that such an offer would be in great demand among rich Californian women.

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