Animals Get Really Weird Sometimes

A bear was the master of a road police post for almost 24 hours in the Vitebsk region of the republic of Belarus. The bear came out of the forest early in the morning and headed for the road police post, which made police officers get in the car and block all door very quickly. The bear climbed on the top of the car and stayed there for a while. Soon after that the bear went to "examine" the post, where he ate officer's lunch, and then headed further along the road. An attempt to catch the animal was not successful: the bear climbed on a tree and did not want to go down.

In the Russian city of Saransk, a house cat scared its owner, a 65-year-old woman. When the old lady invited her neighbor to come to her house, the little pretty cat started being very aggressive: it hollered at the top of its lungs, and did not let the lady approach the guest. When the pensioner tried to get the cat out of the room, the animal attacked the woman and bit her. The neighbor had to call the ambulance. Doctors were shocked with the quantity of cat's bites: the poor old woman was bitten all over her body.

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