Ringing of School Bell Violates Human Rights

An Indian man appealed to the human rights society with a complaint about the ringing of the school bell. He said that too loud ringing seriously injured the health of his son.

Ashok Vishvakarma from the city of Bhopal declared at a session of the human rights commission in the Indian state of Madhia Pradesh that his son might “fall victim to the school bell”. Doctor warned that man that his son was under the menace of total deafness or some other mental disease. Attorney of Ashok Vishvakarma says that ringing of the bell in the school where the boy studies is actually very loud and harsh, so that pupils even have to close the ears every time they hear the sound. In his words, children who hear the ringing 7-8 times a day all to a man suffer from terrible headaches and earaches.

It is said, director of the school didn't fulfil the demand of pupils and their parents to regulate the sound of the bell, but instead demanded that they should take their children away from school.

The anxious father says: "When I told the director the essence of our claims, she refused to change anything in the school system." In his words, the woman said the following: "If you are having some problems, move your boy to some other school, but the system of school bell ringing won't be changed."


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