Even if You're Alive, Prove That You Are Not Dead

A man who has been considered dead for eight years already appealed to the regional law enforcement center in the Russian city of Perm for assistance. The problem is that the man asked lawyers of the center to help him retrieve his passport.

As it turned out, the man served his term in prison some time ago; but when he was released he found out that his wasn't registered any longer in any card index or registrar which meant that he was considered dead in fact. The only document the man possesses is a death certificate confirming that he is dead.

Lawyers in the law enforcement center explain that the absurd situation started when in 1994 the wife of the poor man was invited to identify a dead man; the woman decided the man was her husband. Since that very moment misfortunes of the man began.

For some time after his release from prison the man lived in a trailer for forced refugees in Moscow and was never caught by police. Now he has come to Perm to get the status of a Russia Federation citizen. As officials in the law enforcement center say, the only way to get it is to identify himself at court.