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All the Vogue: Wristwatch of Manure

A German artist makes wall watch and small sculptures of cow’s manure. Recently he decided to expand his activity and produce even wristwatch of the unusual natural material.

Artist Bern Eilz, 43, says that artists usually seek new materials. “I was struck with the resemblance between the consistency of manure and paint. At first, I used sheep manure, but balls of the manure were too small, and I decided to use cow’s manure instead.”

The idea to turn manure into articles of art occurred to Eilz ten years ago when he was walking about a meadow covered with cow manure. The artist dries up manure for several weeks; then he makes small sculptures of it. When the figures are ready, the artist paints and varnishes them. As Eilz’s experience shows, the better manure is given by those animals who eat fresh grass; but at the same time he says that other fodder makes “cakes” of cow manure more interesting. He explains that when cows eat much carrot, manure becomes reddish, it looks otherwise than ordinary material. By the way, the wall watch the 43-year-old German artist made of cow manure costs 150 euro.

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