Man’s Belt Ruins His Business Career

A Chinese national failed to conclude a profitable contract on account of the fact that his belt suddenly undid itself, which made business sides feel very confused. The man decided to sue the store, which sold him such an unfortunate belt.

Mr. Lee from the Chinese province of Henan talked to a top manager of a large Canadian immigration agency about an opportunity to open a representative office of the firm, where he could be a chief. The contract was evaluated in the sum of $130 thousand. However, it was not destined to become real, for the belt of the Chinese man undid itself twice during business negotiations. This stupid reason crumpled all up.

The first time the man’s belt undid itself in the very beginning of the business meeting, when Mr. Lee was shaking hands with a businesswoman in the hall of the hotel. The woman was very confused about it, so Mr. Lee had to apologize and to go to a men’s room to fix the belt. Everything was fine after that, but the belt did the same thing again right in the middle of the business conversation. As Mr. Lee said, he was about to obtain the agreement from his partner. However, the belt ruined his efforts, and any further discussion was out of the question.

Mr. Lee bought that mischievous belt for $80 in a local store. Now he asks for the compensation of 25 thousand dollars.