‘Russian Beauty’ Winds Foreign Men Around ‘Her’ Finger

Law-enforcement bodies of the Ural administrative district of the Russian Federation detained a male resident of the city of Chelyabinsk on the allegation of online swindling, which caused damage to foreign men from 21 countries of the world.

As it was reported, the detained man used the worldwide web for posting ads on online romance sites. He posted those ads from his personal computer, but not on his own behalf, for he is married and has a child. The man submitted ads on behalf of pretty Russian girls, the photos of which he took himself.

Men from all over the world responded to those ads. All of them transferred money and sent jewelry to the “Russian beauty” in order to be the first to win “her” heart. This way the man managed to get more than $200 thousand dollars, which was very good money to buy an apartment, a car and other welfare of the modern civilization.

All of that property was arrested, the swindler was prohibited to leave the territory of the Russian Federation. For the time being, his file is filled with 59 statements from foreign men. Investigators believe that there were a lot more of them.