Bikers in helmets get free ice-cream

Authorities of an Italian province on Gallipoli peninsula gave up all attempts to make bikers wear helmets by adoption of special laws. Instead, quite a different method was chosen to make people observe safety requirements. Since now, all bikers who wear helmets will be given an incentive, an ice-cream.

Riding a motorcycle is really very dangerous, however, not all bikers wear helmets even despite the fact that the gear is designed to save people’s lives. As a result, this dislike for helmets causes more traumatism on roads, many people die because of it.

This unfavorable situation on Gallipoli peninsula disturbed local authorities, and they started working on the problem. The matter is, wearing helmets is mandatory for riding a motorcycle in Italy, however, penalties are no effective enough for solution of the problem. Majority of bikers just pay penalty and ride away still without any helmets. To make bikers think more about their safety and put on helmets, some unusual method should be invented.

Local authorities decided that free ice-cream would be a nice bonus for those obedient bikers who wear helmets. So, an operation “Refreshing ice-cream” is being carried out at Gallipoli highways. Bikers wearing helmets are given flyers for free ice-creams at cafes. The local authorities hope, the nice idea will have an effect, and bikers will wear helmets to save their lives.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team