Crossing frontier on a bet

A German who had made a bet to cross borders of several states was detained in Brest. Officials of the Brestskaya Krepost (Brest Fortress) memorial complex noticed a suspicious man who had been walking around the fortress for two days. The man said he was a resident, however, he could not answer simple questions connected with the city’s life. Finally, the man confessed he was a German citizen, Vladimir Schneider, who had immigrated from former Soviet republic of Kazakstan. He also confessed, he came to Brest after crossing the border on a bet.

According to the bet the man made with his friends in Germany, Schneider was to get to former Soviet countries illegally, visit some places fixed by the bet requirements and get back to Germany. If the bet were a success, the man would have got 10,000 euro. Vladimir successfully crossed the frontiers of Poland and Baltic countries (former Soviet republics of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania), he did it by hiding under the truck floors. The way back to Germany passed via Brest where the better was detained.