Steven Segal to shoot film about Chinggis Khan

Hollywood actor Steven Segal is to shoot a film about the founding father of the Golden Horde, medieval Mongolian conqueror Chinggis Khan on the basis of historical facts.

Segal devoted more than 30 years of his life to the studies of Chinggis Khan's biography. Now Segal is getting ready for shooting in Mongolia.

According to the actor, the shooting will start in May 2003. The film will be shot in Mongolia, Chinggis Khan's motherland, and Europe, because this great Mongolian warrior managed to conquer a half of European countries. The film will cost, presumably, 30 million US dollars.

Answering a journalists' question on the cause for his interest in Chinggis Khan's life, Steven Segal said that he has Mongolian and, probably, Russian roots. I know that my ancestors lived near the town of Altanbulag on the Russian-Mongolian border, the actor stressed.

The film about Chinggis Khan will be on in the beginning of 2004, Steven Segal added.