How did you manage to swallow a snake?

Recently Romanian doctors performed an unusual operation: they took a 24 centimeter snake out of a patient’s gastrointestinal tract. The reptile spent three days in the farmer’s stomach what caused him awful pain.

At first, the farmer imputed the pains to is chronic ulcer and used traditional folk remedies against the pain. But nothing helped. Finally, the man gave up his urgent work at the farm and made for a municipal hospital. Echography revealed that some foreign object was in the man’s large intestine, but nobody could even suppose that was a snake!

After complex and painful procedures performed on the farmer, the mysterious object was removed from the organism. When people saw what they took out of the large intestine, they were really shocked. It was a so-called wood snake so much typical of that area, this very sample was of an average size.

It is still a mystery, how the snake managed to get into the man’s gullet and survive there under rather unfavorable conditions. One of the possible versions says, the old farmer was probably having rest under the tree and fell asleep. The man snored with his mouth open, and the snake caught the opportunity to get into it. So, the sound sleep caused the farmer several disturbing days.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team