Lipetsk citizen likes mercury, acetone, and tosole

An unusual meal had had Dmitry Butakov who came to his relatives in Voronezh from Lipetsk Region. As a first course, he drank a glass of acetone, as a second – he ate a mercury ball and washed it down with tosole.

The meal took place with witnesses. Dmitry poured a glass of acetone and waited till the liquid burns through plastic. Then Dmitry changed the plastic glass to a glassy one: now acetone could not burn through the glass as well as Dmitry Butakov’s stomach. The meal was completed with a cocktail of mercury and tosole. Dmitry states that tosole makes him drunk after acetone like wine after beer, so he prefers to sleep himself sober after this cocktail.

Dmitry says that he can eat, without consequences, death-cups and for a long time stay in radiation zones. Dmitry got such “immunity” after a strong blow of current and clinical death. After such a meal, Dmitry usually smokes a cigarette. According to him, he tries everything what could be obtained legally, i.e. the whole periodic table.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team