Rolls with poppy-seeds can be banned

Singapore is going to ban sale of bread and cookies with poppy-seeds because some poppy sorts contain morphine. Local experts consider morphine among the same drug group where heroin belongs. The ban is to be applied to local, as well as to foreign products. In particular, the ban will concern Britain’s Marx & Spencer, that is Singapore’s main supplier of biscuits and rolls sprinkled with poppy-seeds. It is not clear yet, whether Singapore police will institute criminal proceedings against the company. Final decision on the problem will be passed by the Central Narcotics Bureau after a laboratory expertise of British baking held now.

Marx & Spencer spokesmen say, the company has done nothing illegal; all exported products are thoroughly tested at Singapore medical institutions before going on sale. However, boxes with British cookies with poppy-seeds have been withdrawn from sale in majority of Singapore stores in the middle of the previous week already.