Putin, Chirac discuss Zakharova's case

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation and President Jacques Chirac of France discussed the so-called Zakharova case during their conversation. This was disclosed to reporters in the early hours of July 20th by deputy presidential-administration chief Sergei Prikhodko.

This case involves Russian citizen Natalia Zakharova, who has been separated from her daughter Masha for the last four years. According to RIA Novosti's sources, Masha was adopted by another family, after Zakharova divorced French citizen Patrick Ouary. Zakharova has been demanding that French judicial authorities return her daughter and reinstate her parental rights ever since. This case has caused a public outcry in France.

Prikhodko didn't specify various Russian and French actions that were discussed by the two Presidents. This case deals with a little girl's future, rather than mutual claims, he added.

Putin and Chirac also talked about enhanced civil-society contacts.

Talking to reporters, Prikhodko noted that the latest attempt on Chirac's life wasn't discussed at the talks. Indicatively enough, but Chirac himself didn't comment on this subject, after hearing a question at the news conference.

Due to understandable circumstances, I won't make any special comment on the attempt on my life, Chirac said.