Cows are better than garbage collectors

Indonesia cows are now allowed to the public service: they not only regularly deliver milk, but also acts as garbage collectors.

Authorities of the Indonesia town of Djokjakarta decided to benefit from cow’s perpetual habit to chew. Cows move their jaw-bones practically 24 hours a day, very often they chew even inedible things, for example, clothes that are getting dried outdoors. The Djokjakarta municipal administration decided to use cows as free and unpretentious garbage collectors. Two hundred cows with well-developed jaw-bones have been picked out for this purpose; in addition, several supervisors have been employed to look after the cows for the animals not to swallow some dangerous obstacles. So, it is now an everyday thing that cows are walking about Djokjakarta streets and clean the town off garbage. Shepherds follow the cows and take dangerous things away from them. Local farmers are happy to lease their cows for the noble purpose of cleaning the streets. Residents are so much happy that manure is now abundant in the town, manure is really very important for fertilizing their gardens.

Djokjakarta is the first town to employ livestock for street cleaning. The local authorities have calculated, streets will be awfully heaped up with garbage, and cities will suffer from shortage of garbage-collectors. However, if cows are employed for street cleaning, the problem can be averted. The cows will be also used for cleaning off the garbage in the suburbs that has piled over the past several years.