Russia, Powerful Western States Should Unite in Their 'Sacred Union'

Russia should enter in a 'Sacred Union' with powerful Western states. Such is the opinion Sergei Karaganov, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council for Foreign and Defence Policies, expressed during the Russia and New Challenges to Security as Seen by Young Analysts roundtable held at Rosbalt news agency.

The analyst believes Russia is facing fundamentally new challenges threatening her security. She has to do with the growing instability in Asia, the strengthening of China while states at Russia's southern borders disintegrate, the uncertain direction taken by Europe and the US, and terrorism. However, Mr. Karaganov believes that terrorism is not the worst challenge among these, yet being the centre of international attention, it may trigger discussing other problems.

He further said that 'Russia, having found herself between poverty and wealth, the breakdown of the South and the flourishing of the North, cannot, at this time, join the club of the rich and well developed. So we should concentrate on the problems we have at home'.

However, Mr. Karaganov also said that, crises piling up, Russia suddenly had a chance. He said that Russia should swap her growing capitalisation or its semblance for 'membership in the security union now being formed by developed countries'. He continued saying that 'If Russia continues facing all the challenges alone, she will just waste up her resources needed for internal rejuvenation and growth'. So Mr. Karaganov believes that optimally Russia should 'push' the West toward the creation of a new 'Sacred Union' and try and avoid confrontation. He concluding by saying, 'We should wait this mess out. Then, in 15 or 20 years, we will be able to defend our interests in this dangerous world all by ourselves'.

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