Sperm donor: What a hard work!

It is not really that easy to get money for masturbation. A sperm donor issue has been a subject for tons of jokes for some twenty years already. As a matter of fact, this is not a hard work, every man would be happy about it, actually. But when passionate males find out that they can get paid for that!

Elena Golodnova, a doctor of the Russian center for reproduction and gynaecology, said: “When our center started working, we had a lot of men coming here. All kinds of men. And we rejected almost everyone. At present moment we only have three sperm donors.”

Sperm donor’s work costs up to 1500 rubles in Moscow (about $50), whereas the cost of one medical masturbation session costs $200-300 in the West. There is nothing special for a guy to do to get his own sperm, but it is very hard to earn something on that. First of all, a donor is supposed to be married and to have at least one child. A would-be “masturbation personnel” will have to undergo all kinds of medical tests imaginable: doctors have to be certain that a man does not have any illnesses. A sperm donor must be psychologically healthy. Drug addicts, AIDS or hepatite infected men, or those sick with sexually transmitted diseases are out of the question. There should be not less than four million living spermatozoa in good sperm. By the way, all those tests are not for free.

Even if you are absolutely fine, if you have no illnesses, then your liquid will not be put in operation right away. They will keep it in quarantine for about six months. This will be the time period to find out all viruses that were not found during the tests. If everything is eventually ok, then you should say hi to your monster and rejoice that you can earn good money with it! However, you will have to go to a venereologist once in every three months.

There were some fertility experiments performed in the USSR in the 1950s, but they were over with very soon and the palm of supremacy was given to Americans. The first test-tube child was born in San Francisco in 1967. It was a girl. The first Soviet child like that was born in 1986.

Sperm donors’ names are all secret. A would-be mother signs documents before the procedure, in which she claims no attempts to find out, who the actual father of her future kid is. Donors never know about those kids either. There was an incident, when a Moscow woman divorced her husband after the “immaculate conception” that she did in secret from her husband. Her boy did not have anything in common with him. The husband suspected her of cheating, he packed his stuff and left. The woman decided to find her family happiness with the sperm donor of her child. She found him several weeks after, and saw that her boy was exactly like him. The woman confessed her love to the astounded man, she started stalking him afterwards. Th donor’s wife did not know a thing about her husband’s medical source of income, and she almost divorced him too. The nightmare stopped only when the guy moved to another place and stopped dealing with that medical masturbation thing.

Sperm donors are basically Europeans. In Kazakhstan a woman can get sperm of eight nationalities, which can sometimes result in surprises, as it happened in London last year, when a white woman gave birth to a black girl. The story had a happy-end, though – there were no criminal proceedings instituted, because the woman recovered from her shock quickly and started loving her child.

A working session of a sperm donor starts in a clean comfortable room. As a rule, such rooms are equipped with a television and a VCR, or at least there are kinky mags there. A donor is given a sterile plastic can. None of the would-be sperm fathers refuse from an XXX movie. A normal donor basically comes to a clinic once a week, but if his wife leaves somewhere, then he could get two days of relief there. However, each clinic was attacked with very passionate males, who liked to do it every day.

Scientists calculated that there were some four million sperm bank people living on the planet - the vast majority of them live in China, the USA comes second – some 800 thousand.

Sperm banks have always stirred scandals up. A Swedish guy decided to breed genius people, having obtained sperm samples from several Nobel Prize winners. However, the winners were indignant about that, because they all were elderly men. Another funny scandal happened in the States in 2000, when an American guy published an ad in a newspaper, in which he wrote that he had sperm samples of such guys like Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams and Marylin Manson. Dozens of women responded to the ad, but the story ended soon: the guy was put in prison for fraud.

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