German shepherd dog adopted roe cub

Quite unusual things can be seen at the zoo in Russian town of Belgorod: a three-year-old German shepherd is rearing a roe deer cub with its milk.

An abandoned cub was found by a hunter in the forest of the Belgorod region. The man brought the baby roe to the settlement of Trostenets where pensioner Mikhail Kosov held a domestic zoo of his own. However, the pensioner was not quite sure that he would be able to rear the roe alone and sent the baby roe to the Belgorod zoo. Now this unusual rearing experiment with the German shepherd dog and the baby roe is being held in the zoo.

Mikhail Kosov says, as soon as the baby roe is reared by the dog, he will be back to his domestic zoo, where by now 52 animals are living: deer, peacocks, song-birds, frogs, lizards and other animals typical of village farms. As the pensioner says, peacock was the first to appear in the zoo; Mikhail spent all his savings to buy it.

Kosov’s zoo is a place of interest for local children and people from nearby villages who come to Trostenets to see the unusual domestic zoo. Mikhail Kosov likes to tell stories about nurselings of the zoo. A new story in the story collection narrated by Mikhail is about the baby roe who is now being reared by Zarina, German shepherd dog in the Belgorod zoo and who is soon to appear in the unusual domestic zoo.

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