You will pay for hippopotamus at court!

Romanian girl has brought an action against her might-have-been boyfriend because the latter called her a hippopotamus. The girl and the young man met with the help of an agency for matching couples. The problem is that the girl lied about her actual weight when she sent a letter of acquaintance to a man. This became a reason for the whole of the story.

Relations between Nikoleta Popesku and Gabriel Malinesku started very romantically. They found each other through a notice in a newspaper and began sending letters and making calls to each other. The romantic story lasted for two months, over the whole period the man believed that his girlfriend was young, slender, beautiful, kind and merry. Nikoleta lied that her weight was 50,5 kg, and Gabriel had no reasons at all to mistrust her words. Finally, after the two months of romantic friendship the couple decided to date.

When the young man saw his darling, his heart nearly broke. Contrary to his expectations, the girl was rather stout, with the weight making approximately a centner. The man was so much discouraged at that moment that he impulsively called the girl a she-hippopotamus because of her grand weight. The insulting was rather unexpected for Nikoleta who really believed that her weight would cause no problems for romantic friendship with the man. The insulted girl decided to obtain justice with the help of the law. Nikoleta Popesku has brought an action against Gabriel Malinesku on compensation of moral damage caused by the “hippopotamus” insulting. The girl said: “I have been so much injured. He is probably ignorant of the fact that beauty on the whole does not mean external beauty only.”

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