Mordivian pensioner paid with his life for flirting with a student

An attempt to embrace 18-year-old Alexandra Palaeva cost life to a 72-year-old pensioner. In this way, the student of Agricultural Faculty of Ogarev Mordovian State University showed her dislike to accidental sexual intercourse.

Alexandra was a bit drunken when she met pensioner Zuev, who took advantage of the situation and invited her in his flat. They drank a bottle of vodka, afterwards the old lady-killer tried to embrace the young lady. Though, she opposed and stroke the pensioner into the face with her fist and then beat him with feet. Zuev died in a hospital. His death was a result of head injure accompanied with brain hemorrhage. The student being questioned by law-enforcers said that she had protected her maidenly honour, because she was still a virgin.