A playboy’s fate

Girls used to spend all of their times in his bed. He slept with brunets, blonds, white, black and Asian girls – all kinds of women of all kinds of races that you can ever meet on the planet Earth.

Bruno was born in the family of a French bourgeois, but he never had a decent lifestyle. He sniffed cocaine, didn’t pay taxes, he was a very good-looking guy, insatiable in bed, and he was very fond of hunting. He had everything that any man could dream of.

At that time he had eight girlfriends at once: a French salesgirl, Guadeloupean actress, Greek designer, Japanese cook, German artist, English secretary and a beauty girl from Denmark. Until the day of March 17, 1996. Bruno celebrated his 35th birthday and was driving his fancy car, and one of his girlfriends was sitting beside him. Bruno wanted to touch her and let the driving wheel out of his hands just for a coupe of seconds. The car ran into a tree, Bruno had a spine fracture and was taken to hospital, where he spent 18 months, living with the help of the reviving apparatus.

When Bruno came to his senses, he realized that he was not a man anymore, but a bag of bones. What can be more dreadful for a playboy of such high class? A bit later he realized that he could love women only with his eyes. Bruno learned how to move his hands and arms, and then doctors started making him injections, which helped him to get his sex life back. Doctors prescribed him pornographic videos and dating.

Bruno has published a book, in which he described his wild youth, the car accident, the existence he had on his hospital bed, and his discovery that a crippled person also had rights for love and sex. Bruno described all that experience with a very good sense of humor. He now asserts that his drug is not cocaine now, but the joy of living. He had to survive a horrific car accident in order to come to the realization of that.

Bruno does not smoke now, because it is too hard for his fingers to hold a cigarette. He believes in God now, and he goes to church every Tuesday. He also thinks that happiness is not when someone loves you, happiness is when you love someone. If you love someone, you will be loved in return truly.

Bruno is living in a small apartment in Paris, he has several girlfriends again, like before. There is a difference, though: he has to make an injection and take a couple of viagra pills every time he dates a woman. Bruno is 40 right now, but he hasn’t found the woman of his life yet, the woman that would give birth to his three kids, as he dreams. But he has time.