Altai school boy invented three-dimensional TV set

A refrigerator working without compressor, which does not need electric power, a three-dimensional TV set and other inventions of 11-year-old Erneso Yevgeny Sanchez Shaida became a sensation at the recent Future of Altai science and practical conference of gifted youth and school children of Altai Regionf, organized by Altai Technical University. In the conference, scientists from technical universities of France, Finland, and many Russian cities of Russia participated. The report of the young wunderkind was listened with great interest and attention to, while expert council of Physics, Technics, and Astronomy proposed his works for marking off with an inventor’s certificate. All the inventions are being done by the boy without any assistance. He confessed that he dreamed about a computer as a present to correctly draw up applications for his inventions. Now, Ernesto Yevgeny Sanchez Shaida from Altai city of Rubtsovsk is the pupil of 10th year, ITAR-TASS reports. Every year, the boy masters programmes of two or three school years and intends to finish secondary school in the age of 12 years. Unique intellectual faculties of the child were confirmed by Barnaul Centre of Assistance to Gifted Children of Altai. Ernesto is gifted in different spheres. He learned to fluently read being 2 years 7 months. Now, in addition to scientific work, physics, high mathematics, and literature – he especially likes Soviet writer Vasily Shukshin – he paints, writes poems and prose. The family of the young inventor started in 1981, in the city of Odessa, where Tatyana Shaida learned a young Cuban engineer from the Centre of Sea Projects. Ten years later, Ernesto Enrique Sanchez Sochilama moved to the city of Rubtsovsk. That year, in Rubtsovsk, Ernesto Yevgeny was born, while four years later – his sister Margarita Dania.