His Majesty condom

Ancient Egyptian women were tired of applying the ointment of crocodile excrement and honey tincture as vaginal contraceptives, and the heavy burden of contraception fell on men’s fragile shoulders. Meticulous archeologists found out that the first ancestor of the modern condom appeared in Ancient Egypt in the XIII century B.C. Tose condoms did not resemble the thing that you wear sometimes – ancient condoms were lubricated intestines of animals. Yuck! They smelled awful and looked horrid. Other sources say that ancient condoms were made of leather, then people started making contraceptive devices from bull bladders and sheep blind guts. The modern history of a condom started in 1564, when Italian scientist Gabriel Fallopius invented a little “bag” for male genitals. At first, it was made of linen, but then they started using the coating of animal intestines, which was imbued with special medicines and inorganic salt. This condom covered the top of a penis and was fixed with the help of a pink ribbon. Why was it pink - there is no answer to this question. By the way, that mediaeval condom was not meant for one-time use, and it was supposed to be carefully washed after every use.

A condom is not simply a word, it was the last name of a courtier baker of the English King Carl II. The king asked his servant to invent something that would protect his crowned penis from syphilis. As a result, the king was offered to use a little bag, made of sheep intestines, but this time there was no ribbon on it. This device was then used by all English noblemen.

And then there was latex – thin, but strong fabric, which was produced from rubber tree juice. America is a super-power not for its A-bombs, American scientists take big care of Americans’ love life too. They try to modernize the most popular rubber production, but those novelties are not really in demand.

Practically all men complain of the biggest disadvantage of a condom – some guys say that wearing a condom is like kissing a girl that wears a gas mask. There was an idea to make a little penis hat out of a long condom – a hat that could be put on the top of a penis for more enjoyment. It was even offered to glue such a hat to the penis and then soak it out with the help of a special liquid.

Men did not like this discriminating idea, when condoms were made for men only, so they wanted such an invention to women too. Male scientists supported such an idea and invented a female condom. This is a cylinder, one end of its is closed and the other one is open. This thing is applied on external female genitals, and to tell you the truth, it causes a lot of problems both for men and women.

If you think that a rubber friend was invented for making sex a torture, then you are totally wrong. There are many other ways to use a condom, the main thing is to be creative. A condom can be used as a water transportation tank, it can be filled with 1.5 liters of water. What a useful thing is a desert! A condom can be used as a container for little things that have to be protected from moisture, for instance, secret films and other stuff.

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