Cleaner gave up mop and became …a dentist

One Australian cleaner got really very tired of his work at the dentist’s. And decided to try another job, to become a dentist himself. The man bought stomatological facilities that had served their time and opened medical practice of his own.

The 28-year-old man has been working as a cleaner at stomatological clinics for a very long period and knew rather well that dentist’s work was really complex, but so much interesting. Once the man resolved to give up an unprestigious work of a cleaner and start making a career of his own. He chose a career of dentist. The long period of being a cleaner at the dentist’s was believed to be sufficient experience to start practice of his own. From a notice in the local newspaper the man bought second-hand stomatological equipment and opened a dental surgery.

Before the fraud was revealed, at least 60 people came to the “new” dentist (14 of them got their teeth seriously injured after the visit). Numerous complaints of the patients drew attention of police to the “new” dentist and his consulting room. Police was extremely surprised to find out, an ordinary cleaner passed himself off as a dentist.

Police revealed, the young man whose name was not published, pilfered lots of necessary stomatological facilities within years of work at the dentist’s to open a dental surgery of his own. The medical instruments and the second-hand equipment he bought through a local newspaper made it possible for the young man to start stomatological practice. To tell the truth, the man was very convincing with his new role. Besides, the man stole a certificate of competence from one of the clinics to get a license for stomatological practice.

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