Left Rallies Down On Regime, Call For Action

Left oppositionists are holding Mayday rallies and demonstrations in Moscow to protest against government economic policies, public impoverishment and snowballing prices. Communists, Labour Russia and other Left leagues demonstrated to the city centre for a rally, which gathered an approximate ten thousand, say the police. Communist leader Gennadi Zyuganov and other speakers branded the regime as "anti-popular" and called the "bourgeois cabinet" to step down. The people's plight now is even worse, said Zyuganov, than in 1991, the year when the USSR collapsed, and which Reds view as the Soviets' blackest year. Victor Anpilov, Labour Russia leader, called the government premises picketed round the clock, and appealed to the nation for a countrywide political strike. No violent outbreaks were reported. Several old men and women on the gathering felt bad and received medical aid on the spot.

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