Moscow citizen accused of steeling toilet brush

35-year-old Moscowite Yury Shimko has been accused of theft of lavatory brush and toilet paper holder. According to Vechernyaya Moskva, the court put the thief to one-year probation. The unusual crime took place this February. Shimko came to the cafe in Paveletskaya Square to drink a cup of coffee. Before to go, he entered into the toilet. He could not help steeling two nice toilet paper holders and a lavatory brush. As it turned out later, the things were not only fine, but expensive, too. Though, to the thief’s regret, all the three things did not go in his satchel. This was why, he decided at first to steel the toilet paper holders. Just after leaving the cafe, Shimko sold the paper holder to the first comer for 500 rubles (approximately $ 17.00). Afterwards, the thief returned to take the brush. Though this attempt was not successful: the thief was caught by the security guard.