Agatha Christie accused of racism

A group of lawyers from Hanover accuses famous British writer Agatha Christie of racism. Specialists say, “some of her works are full of hatred towards other races.” “Ten little niggers” by Christie has become the main object of the accusations. To be politically correct in Germany one should not use the words “Negro” or “black”, as it is considered to be a federal crime. Hanover’s court allowed the claims of the publicity. According to the court decision, a new title for Agatha Christie’s novel ‘Ten little niggers” will be “None was left at the end”; the words “nigger” and “black little man” will be removed from the text at all. German radio informs, similar decisions are to be taken as concerning books by other authors. The same will concern Nobel Prize laureate Kurt Vonnegut; the word “darkey” was used 50 times at least in the book.

Members of Agatha Christie’s fan club object to such actions. “The writer has fallen a victim to the hysteria,” said Richard Prokington, an expert for Christie’s works. According to some sources, owners of the copyright for Agatha Christie’s books want to ban publishing of the “politically correct” novels written by the detective writer.