Invitation to job interview arrived in 34 years

A man from Indian city of Calcutta has got an invitation to the job interview. It is rather strange, as the applicant looked for a job…34 years ago. A 52-year-old Indian, Mr.Halder, who is a grandfather already, had handed in an application for job of a state employee in Western Bengali at his youth age. Now the man is the owner of a snack store. It was a great surprise for him to get an invitation to the job interview of March 6.

“I have lost any hope long ago. The application was sent in 1968. Now I am 52, and the public service is not for me, I am afraid,” told the man Reuters agency.

Only people under 37 suit for public service. Mr.Halder’s son has handed in an application to the labor registry office only four years ago. He hopes, he will be more lucky than his father. Delfi