Hands off the library dust!

British National Fund consists of 156 libraries with thousands, or even millions of different books published in different countries at different times. Many libraries are situated in ancient castles that are protected as historical monuments as well. The Fund owns lots of rare books of greatest historical and cultural value; the rarities are treated carefully. Dozens of cleaners come to the libraries to make everything shine with cleanliness.

It was decided, books in the libraries will not be cleaned for the next three years, they will be covered with a layer of dust then. Usually, every book is taken from the shelf and the dust is brushed away – it takes three weeks a year to clean each book this way. But some of the rare books are really old, and every movement may destroy them. Cleaners are to be very careful at that.

Special adhesive tapes will be placed on the shelves for dust collection. Scientists are going to replace the tapes every three months to study characteristics of the library dust. Experts say, the dust in the libraries is caused by clothes of the visitors, woolen fabrics mostly.


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