Sleeping instructions to avoid sex problems

If you like to sleep on your stomach, we would advise you to change that habit, otherwise you have all chances to become impotent. This is not a joke. The Spanish sexologists clarified: about 40% of sexual disorder – both among men and women - is caused by the improper position of a body when sleeping.

The Spanish sex-rescuers came to conclusion that the biggest harm to potency is caused by 2 positions. One of them is sleeping on a stomach. The explanation is as follows. If you sleep on your stomach, your unary bladder is squeezed under the weight of your body (that may not always be light), the stomach is clutched and we would not be mentioning the things happening to the intestines. To crown it all – the blood circulation gets disturbed and all these things have the most negative influence on your sexual potency.

Another bad position to sleep is having the head of your bed too high. In this case it is your brain that suffers most. Bad blood circulation decreases the capacity of the hypophysis to produce the hormones, including the sex ones. So position your body the way, which is not only comfortable for you, but also for your internal organs. The latter will be very grateful.

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