Kate Winslet gets undressed for handsome guys

Kate Winslet fans will get an opportunity to have a closer look at the actress in her new movie Iris, which tells the story of the well-known English writer Iris Murdoch. Winslet will appear in the movie totally naked.

Some people from Ananova got a chance to see the movie before it was premiered and they said they saw Winslet topless in one episode and then she was totally naked. One of her co-stars in the movie is Hugh Bonneville, who plays the role of John Bayley.

If you remember, Kate took her clothes off in front of Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic. As it turned out Kate needed some handsome guy to make her undress for in a movie scene. If there is none, she will be not do it. The movie makers found a cute guy for that purpose, but it happened so, he was not good. Then they got a muscular worker, but he claimed he would not like to argue with his wife. Hugh Bonneville finally agreed to sacrifice himself and the process was then ok.

It is interesting, what Sam Mendes (the director of American Beauty) will have to say on the score. Mendes started dating Winslet after her divorce with assistant film director Jim Threapleton. Mendes says, by the way, he does not yet have any plans for the future; he was just living the first days of love.

Winslet and Threapleton earlier rejected the information about their affair. After Kate divorced with her husband, she preferred to hide in order to avoid the attention of the press and questions about her personal life. She ignored every public appearance, even the premier of her new movie Enigma.