«Ass of The Year» robs a bank

Police arrested Jack Schreiner (30), who had robbed the subsidiary office of Chase Manhattan bank, having given a note to the cashier, asking to give the money away. A girl at the desk was so frightened that she gave $7.791 cash to the thief.

Schreiner returned back to the bank on Friday - this time he wanted to open an account. One of the clerks, who has lately seen the videotape, showing the recent act of stealing in the office, came up to the girl and asked her, if it was the guy, who had robbed the bank the other day.

The girl recognized the thief and he was arrested right away. Schreiner was then released on bail totalling $2.500. As it turned out, he lived just five buildings away from the bank’s office. A policeman said that Schreiner must be given an award “The Ass of the Year.”

Schreiner’s neighbours were shocked, when they found out he committed such a crime – they could not believe their ears. They in particular said, he was a very stable, calm person, living with his parents and selling air conditioners for a living. -dos-