Russia Runs Short Of Architects

On Tuesday the collegium of the Russian Education Ministry considered the preparation of professional architects by Russia's institutions of higher learning. Its participants were Alexander Kudryavtsev, rector of the Russian Architecture and Building Sciences Academy; Vladimir Karelin, rector of the Moscow State Building University; chiefs of the State Construction Committee and representatives of other departments. In Russia architectural specialities are taught at 22 colleges, universities and 30 branches, 612 vocational secondary schools. Colleges and universities are teaching architectural specialities to over 137,000 students and almost 30,000 specialists annually finish vocational secondary schools. But still, "Russian regions are experiencing an acute shortage of architects" especially with a higher education, it was said at the collegium sitting. Competent and responsible designing engineers, landscaping architects are being in short supply. Russia has its own unique school of city designing and building, which is a kind of breeding ground for such countries as Japan, Germany and the United States, said Alexander Kudryavtsev. Architects from these countries come to Russia to share their experience and tap the experience of their Russian colleagues, he said.