Witness Testimony At Trial Exposes Chechen Terrorist Raduyev And His Crimes

Nineteen victims and witnesses appeared on Tuesday at a trial of Chechen terrorist Salman Raduyev and the co-accused - their testimony exposed the terrorist's crimes. Russia's Prosecutor-General Vladimir Ustinov, who leads for the prosecution, emphasised that all 19 victims and witnesses "once again confirmed their testimony given at a preliminary investigation". In particular, Anna Romashchenko said that she had lost her son Pavel, a policeman who was on duty on the night of January 8-9 at the Kizlyar hospital. He was savagely mutilated by militants and incinerated. According to Anna, she lost three members of her family at that time -son, aunt and grandson - her daughter had a miscarriage. Another Kizlyar resident, Nina Moroz, lost her husband. When militants broke into their home, he fired at the bandits from a hunting rifle. In reply came a burst of automatic fire. Her husband was killed and she found herself among 3,000 hostages. Kizlyar resident Larisa Fetistova lost her son, who on that dreadful night was also on duty at the hospital. He was shot dead by militants, and his body was disfigured. An adjournment until Wednesday was announced at the trial.