Playboy girls are happy to help American soldiers in Afghanistan

Playboy called upon its girls to exercise activity in terms of the struggle with the international terrorists, who comfortably settled in Afghanistan. The well-shaped gals will not have to attack them though. There is another manoeuvre for them – to raise the moral spirit of the American soldiers.

The operation Playmate, which was started by Hugh Hefner - Palyboy’s father - does not imply any kind of army actions or battles. It has its certain charm: the American soldiers serving in Afghanistan, will get a possibility to communicate with Playboy girls online. A soldier will be able to send an e-mail to a girl, and in return he will get her signed “intimate” photograph, with a personal message written on it.

This kind of program was operating during the time of the Gulf war. At that time the commander of the American forces, general Schwarzkopf said the Playboy girls were the real patriots.

Hugh Hefner said that the girls were happy to do something to help the American soldiers in Afghanistan. The best thing he can do is to show his models naked to the guys. Playboy will offer such a service free of charge, but only for the soldiers, serving on the front line of Afghanistan.