Managers Of Dutch Firms Mammoet, Smit International Moved By Russian President's Sincere Gratitude

The managers of the Dutch firms Mammoet and Smit International, Franz van Seumeren and Nico Bryce, are moved by words of gratitude from the Russian president to participants in the operation to rescue the Kursk sunken nuclear submarine. They said this after a meeting in the Kremlin with the Russian head of state. Putin thanked all those gathered in the Kremlin and in their person all participants in the Kursk-lifting operation "for professionalism, courage, honestly performed professional and civic duty". Van Seumeren and Bryce agreed with the Russian president that the rescue of the Kursk has been "a unique operation". Seumeren said it is "a tremendous success" which was largely promoted by "the cooperation and openness of the sides". In turn, Nico Bryce also set high store by the international Kursk operation, noting that its participants were Germans, Dutchemen, Scots, Russians and people from many other countries. The main lesson taught by the Kursk operation is that "through the pooling of efforts we can reach much", said Bryce. Dutch specialists said the operation proceeded according to a plan, although weather "was a very important factor" in the Kursk work. Participants voiced a unanimous opinion that the Russian president was sincere and open. "We were deeply moved that an open-minded man was talking to us", said Nico Bryce.