Hungarian parliament bans English

Hungarian politicians have got annoyed with the glut of advertizing written in English. Since politicians tend to solve their problems by introducing strict limitations or bans, the Hungarian MPs have just banned such advertizing. The 386-strong parliament has passed the new bill with 201 voting “in favour,” 20, “against,” and 96 abstentions. From now on, inscriptions and advertizing posters which contain no translation into Hungarian. Moreover, the new law applies to advertizing broadcast on the radio and television. In principle, the ban seems to be sensible enough. As little as 12% out of the 10m Hungarians know any other foreign language except their mother tong. According to recent opinion polls conducted on Budapest streets, many people cannot make out at all what the specific store has on offer. Helpful here are only spectacular shop windows, but not all the stores have ones. Now, advertizing companies and shop owners will have in 60 days to bring their signs and posters into compliance with the new law.

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