African Gold Exhibited In Pushkin Museum Of Fine Arts

19th-20th centuries jewellery from tropical Africa is being exhibited in the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. The exposition, arranged specially for Moscow, features 131 items from the so-called Alfred Glassel's Collection of African Gold, all of them delivered to Russia by courtesy of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, USA. According to museum employees, the African Gold exhibition was organised under a contract on long-term cooperation concluded by the Pushkin Museum and the Houston Museum about 12 months ago. The entire collection numbers 840 articles from countries south and west of Sahara and provides an insight into the cultural continuity of the region, where jewellery traditions remained unchanged for many centuries. The exhibition continues the Pushkin Museum's tradition of displaying jewellery from different countries. Over the past few years, it has exhibited the legendary Treasures of Troy unearthed by archeologist Heinrich Schliemann /the ones that were moved to the USSR as a trophy after the Second World War/, items created by the modern Greek jeweller Ilias Lalaounis, and Russia's Golden Treasury /articles from the Russian State Depository/.