Head Of Chechen Administration: Disinformation About Situation In Northern Caucasus To Stop If Udugov Is Arrested

The flow of disinformation concerning the situation in the Northern Caucasus will stop if Movladi Udugov, the ideological leader of Chechen separatists, is arrested. This statement was made on Thursday by Akhmad Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen administration, in an interview with the Russian NTV channel. According to him, Udugov "has spread the sphere of his activities all around the world" by means of Internet. At the same time, Udugov does not believe that Turkish authorities will extradite Udugov. According to his data, Udugov is not in Turkey. The other day, Sergei Yastrzhembsky, Aide to the Russian President, stated that Turkey had addressed Russian authorities with a request to submit Movladi Udugov's extradition files. Criminal proceedingss against Movladi Udugov charged with armed rebellion, were instituted on March 20, 2000. Then, he was put on the international wanted list. Ugudov is believed to be one of the initiators of the separatists' assault on the Novolaksk district of Dagestan (a republic within Russia) in 1999.