Situation With TV-6 May Be Discussed At PACE Session

Leader of the Yedinstvo (Unity) faction in the Russian State Duma Vladimir Pekhtin accepts the possibility that the liquidation of the TV-6 television channel will be discussed at a PACE session, which is supposed to begin on January 25. He declared this at a briefing today. According to him, a similar situation happened with NTV. "Everything happening in Russia, i.e. Chechnya or TV-6, is a favorite topic for discussion by PACE," the official stressed." "It seems to me that but for Russia we would have nothing to discuss." The deputy feels quite good about entertainment programs and films shown on TV-6. But his opinion about news programs changed after TV-6 had broadcasted the third congress of the union of the Fatherland and Yedinstvo (Unity) factions at the end of October 2001.