German Scientist Gregor Morfill Gets Foreign Member Diploma Of Russian Academy Of Sciences

On Tuesday a foreign-member diploma of the Russian Academy of Sciences was awarded at a presidium sitting to Gregor Morfill, director of the Exraterrestrial Physics Institute of the Max Planck Society /Germany/. Professor Morfill is an outstanding specialist in the field of plasma, active participant jointly with Russian scientists in space experiments, first at the Russian space station Mir and now at the International Space Station. Morfill called "great honour" his receiving the diploma of a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. "We have learnt a lot from our Russian colleagues. Their research results are superb, despite the hardships which Russian science is living through", said the German researcher. Gregor Morfill said that last year the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Max Planck Society signed an agreement and established a joint institute, which he and Academician Vladimir Fortov are heading. "We will expand our cooperation. One of our goals is creation of conditions for budding scientists, especially in Russia. In this way we'll preserve our positions in world science", said Morfill.