A wonderful Christmas present – a visit to a brothel

The Melbourne companies book the local brothels for their attendants on the Christmas eve. A paid visit to a parlor house will be given to the attendants, who have done excellent job, or just as a Christmas surprise for partners. Like the Australian Herald Sun wrote, the brothels of Melbourne have tons of orders – right till the end of January. The personnel will have to work really a lot to serve the clients, delivered by different firms.

The choice of the managers of the Melbourne companies was not incidental. One of the managers said, a paid visit to a brothel was not much different from a soccer match ticket or a dinner in a fancy restaurant. However, the representatives of the Australian association of the family values are not happy about that idea. They claim that the companies should think twice, for such a gift may not only bring pleasure, but also the sexually transmitted illnesses.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov