State Duma Speaker For All-slav Information Structures

State Duma Speaker Gennady Seleznyov came out for the creation of all-Slav information structures. "It is necessary to consider all possibilities to create a Slav information agency, a Slav magazine, newspaper, TV and radio station," Seleznyov said at the first meeting of the Slav Peoples' Assembly in Minsk on Friday. Seleznyov is the co-chairman of the Assembly. According to the Speaker, the establishment of the Slav Peoples' Assembly in not a political action but the need and striving for unity of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian people. The coordination of the work of the three countries' union, the interaction between public and religious organisations, the development of Russian-Ukrainian-Belarussian trade and economic cooperation, the establishment of common economic and transport space and the development of cultural links are among the key trends of the forum's work.