Usa Claims No Involvement In Kursk Accident

The US president's adviser Franklin Miller who is responsible for political aspects of defence and control over armaments, has confirmed no involvement by an American surface vessel or submarine in the Kursk disaster. A letter with a relevant testimony, signed by Franklin Miller, has reached the St.Petersburg submarine club in response to its address to US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Anthony Blair, said the club's president Igor Kurdin. The letter reiterates non-involvement statements made by US officials immediately after the Kursk tragedy. As the Kursk was being recovered, our thoughts and prayers were turned to those concerned and we heartily hope that the return of this proud ship and the remains of the crew will help their relatives and friends to regain at least some grain of peace and calm, says the letter. The address of the St.Petersburg submarine club, written a fortnight after the New York tragedy of September 11, conveys condolences to the American people and thanks America and Britain for aid to the families of the Kursk seamen.