Russian Central Bank To Issue Commemorative Olympic Coins

The Russian Central Bank's Public Relations Department has announced that commemorative coins made of precious metals will be issued in the country from January 11th as part of a series named "The Winter Olympics 2002, USA, Salt Lake City". The Bank of Russia will issue 25,000 silver 3-ruble coins and 3,000 gold 50 ruble pieces. The given coins will have diameters of 39mm and 22.6mm respectively. The three-ruble piece will feature two cross-country skiers in motion with a fir tree in the background and an eagle, a symbol of victory, above them. The gold coin will have a figure skater and a symbol of victory. Both coins will bear the inscription "XIX WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES SALT LAKE CITY." The coins have been produced by the St. Petersburg mint. The Central Bank has pointed out that the coins will be legal tender in Russia and can be used as such without any restrictions.