U.s. Experts Monitor Utilisation Of Russian Submarines

On Wednesday a group of experts from the American Department of Defense arrived to the ship-repair factory Nerpa in Snezhnogorsk, Murmansk region, to verify the process of utilisation of Russian submarines. The administration of the Murmansk region reported on Wednesday that the American delegation is led by Michael Cole, supervisor of the project "Liquidation of underwater carriers of ballistic missiles: utilisation of strategic underwater missile cruisers." The Murmansk administration said that the goal is to inspect what has been done to utilise a Delta-class submarine. Its utilisation is bankrolled by the American side within the programme on joint threat reduction. This programme provides for promoting the withdrawal from service of underwater cruisers in keeping with the START-1 treaty, stressed the regional administration. Within this project the Nerpa ship-repair works is already utilising a sixth submarine. By early December it had completed work on cutting out missile silos, which the American experts can see with their own eyes, said the administration of the Murmansk region.