Indian healthcare system is concerned about the average size of male penises

The healthcare officials of India announced the launch of the new project, the goal of which is to measure the penises of the Indian males in order to determine the average size of this body part in the country. What caused such an unordinary action?

As it turned out, the Indian Ministry for Healthcare received a lot of complaints about condoms being torn. Scientists say that the size of a condom must correspond to the size of penises in different regions. Mr. N.C.Saxena, the coordinator of the program, says that the knowledge of the average size of the penis in different parts of the country will make it possible to reduce “breakdowns" in connection with the use of condoms by 15-20%. The scientists are very concerned with this issue due to the unsatisfactory results of the Indian program for the struggle with the birth rate. The research, which has been carried out in the country recently, has shown that only three percent of the population used condoms. The results of the “penis measurement program” will be presented by the end of this year.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov