Demis Roussos Dreams Of Singing Christmas Carols In Church Of Christ The Savior

Prominent Greek singer Demis Roussos is dreaming of singing Christmas carols in a Russian Orthodox church, possibly in the Church of Christ the Savior, Demis Roussos said at a press conference on Thursday. On December 7 the singer who has a truly unique voice will give a one-off concert in the State Kremlin Palace. The program of his Moscow concert includes classical works and Christmas carols. "Christmas is first of all a festival of love, and Christians should remember about that. Every religion means love and peace, and that's what I wish to the Russians," Demis Roussos. He added that he was glad to make another visit to Russia where he had already been five times. However, he made his last trip here rather long ago, while the country has since entered a new historical stage, he stressed. Roussos considers himself one of "those rare artists who have performed both in the Russian capital and in various Russian cities."